Baby Drawing

Create your baby drawing with this easy step by step tutorial. With all of our drawings we recommend you start with a pencil and draw lightly. That way you can easily erase and fix any mistakes you make. While all are guides are meant to be beginner friendly mistakes will happen. Wait until the last step before the coloring to go back over your lines.

How to draw a baby step 8

Ready to draw your a baby? Get your piece of paper, a pencil and ideally a good eraser out. 

Additionally, you might want have colored pencils, markers, or crayons to color in your finished drawing. If you are feeling real artsy you can always bring out the paint to really make your cow unique. 

Step 1 : Draw head and ears

Draw the babies head

Step 2 : Make an outline for the hair

Draw the babies hair

Step 3 : Draw the eyes, eyebrows, nose and mouth of the cute baby.

Draw the eyes, eyebrows, nose and mouth of the baby boy

Step 4: Draw the arms

Arms of the baby

Step 5 : Draw the hands

Drawing the hands of baby drawing

Step 6 : Draw the left leg and foot

simple baby drawing step 6

Step 7 : Draw the right leg and foot

drawing the foot of baby step 7

Step 8 : Color in the cute baby

How to draw a baby step 8

Color in your baby. Don't just follow our coloring now is the time to get creative and create something unique that you love. 

We hope you enjoyed this easy step by step guide. Now we hope you will  check out some of our other easy drawing tutorials. 

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