How to Draw a Bird

Create your Bird drawing with this easy step by step tutorial

Bird drawing

Step 1: Bird Drawing

Start with the head of the bird, you will draw what looks like two C's. If you have trouble drawing them where they line up correctly you can always start off with a circle and then erase parts of the circle to add in the details that will come later. 

For instance if you drew the full circle erase a bit of it to add the starting of the beak below. 

This shows step 1 of how to draw a bird

Step 2

You will be adding the eyebrow, eye, and the final part of the beak.

For the eye it is two circles making sure to have the inner circle almost touch the outer circle.

step 2 of how to draw a brid

Step 3

Add the spiky hair, if you started off with a full circle. Erase a section and draw in the hair. Then all you need to complete the step is adding what will be the birds belly. 

Step 3: Bird drawing

Step 4

Draw the first wing, now it's all coming together and really starting to look like a bird. 

drawing the wings of the bird

Step 5

Add some final feathers and another wing your bird drawing is all complete. 

draw the other wing and feathers

Step 6

Now for the fun part it's time to color your bird. You will also notice we added feet to the bottom. (forgot to add them to the previous step)

Bird drawing

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