How to Draw a Butterfly

Create your Butterfly drawing with this easy step by step tutorial. With all of our drawings we recommend you start with a pencil and draw lightly. That way you can easily erase and fix any mistakes you make. While all are guides are meant to be beginner friendly mistakes will happen. Wait until the last step before the coloring to go back over your lines.

Step 1: Butterfly Drawing

Draw a circle for the head and then add two curved lines that are shaped like upside down J's to start the antennas. Add two circle at the tips to complete the butterflies antennas. 

draw the head and antenna's of the butterfly

Step 2

Two circles for the eyes with a slightly smaller circle inside. Add two little lines to each eye for the eyelashes. Two more curved lines above the eyes for the eye brows. 

For the mouth do one longer line slight curved and then draw a U connecting to that line. Add small little lines to the end of the long line and small details inside to show the butterflies teeth and a tongue. 

Drawing the eyes, mouth, and eyelashes of butterfly

Step 3

The body is really easy, just draw two oval style shapes. The top part of the body you can also think of it as a U shape. The bottom part a little larger and wider, then draw horizontal lines going across. 

draw the body of butterfly

Step 4

The largest part of the butterfly is it's wings. Draw a larger curved shape and then add the little line attached to it's body that curves down with a small line at the end for it's hand. (repeat on the other side)

draw left wing of butterfly

Step 5

Adding a little detail to the butterflies wings. Feel free to get creative here or follow along with how we do it. Add a couple circles varying in size and a sideways T this adds multiple section to the wings, so you can different colors and make the butterfly pop. (Repeat this on the otherside)

Add circles and details to wings of butterfly

Step 6

Drawing the second wing with a large M at the bottom. Then add a line from the center of the M curving to touch the lower body of the butterfly. (repeat this for the other side)

Step 8: butterfly drawing

Step 7 Finished Butterfly drawing

Now it is time to color in your butterfly. We hope you enjoyed this easy step by step guide on how to draw a butterfly. Make sure to check out some of our other easy drawing tutorials. 

Butterfly drawing

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