Cow Drawing

Create your Cow drawing with this easy step by step tutorial. With all of our drawings we recommend you start with a pencil and draw lightly. That way you can easily erase and fix any mistakes you make. While all of are guides are meant to be beginner friendly mistakes will happen. Wait until the last step before the coloring to go back over your lines.

Cow drawing step 9

Ready to draw your cow? Get a piece of paper, pencil and ideally a good eraser. 

Additionally, you might want have colored pencils, markers, or crayons to color in your finished drawing. If you are feeling real artsy you can always bring out the paint to really make your cow unique. 

Cow drawing step 1

How to draw a cows head step 1

Easy Cow Drawing Step 1: Head

To start the cow, we need to focus on the head. Draw one circle and an overlapping oval on the bottom left.

How to draw a cow step 2

drawing the eyes and mouth of a cow

Step 2 : Eyes, Nose and Mouth

Next step would be to draw the eyes which is 2 circles not too far separated. Add another circle inside the eyes which will slightly touch the other circle on the bottom right side. Add on 2 curved lines above the eyes for the eyebrows. Draw 2 small ovals inside the bigger oval for the nose. Right below, draw a curved line for the mouth and a half circle for the tongue.

Easy Cow Drawing Step 3

draw the horns on your cow drawing

Step 3 - Add the Horns

Easy Cow Drawing Step 4

Adding the ears to the cow

Step 4 - Draw the ears

Easy Cow Drawing Step 5

Drawing the body of the cow

Step 5 - Add the two front legs and belly of cow

Easy Cow Drawing Step 6

Drawing the rest of the cow body and tail

Step 6 - Complete the Body and Tail

How to draw a cow - Step 7

Drawing the legs and utter on the cow

Step 7 - Adding the back legs and utter

how to draw a cow - step 8

drawing the spots and extra details

Step 8 - Add the spots and hooves on the cow

how to draw a cow - step 9

Cow drawing step 9

Step 9 - Color in you cute and simple cow drawing

Don't just follow our coloring now is the time to get creative and create something unique that you love. 

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