How to Draw a Bunny

Create your Bunny drawing with this easy step by step tutorial. With all of our drawings we recommend you start with a pencil and draw lightly. That way you can easily erase and fix any mistakes you make. While all are guides are meant to be beginner friendly mistakes will happen. Wait until the last step before the coloring to go back over your lines.

Ready to draw your a Bunny? Get your piece of paper, a pencil and ideally a good eraser out. 

Additionally, you might want have colored pencils, markers, or crayons to color in your finished drawing. If you are feeling real artsy you can always bring out the paint to really make your Bunny drawing unique. 

Step 1: Bunny Drawing

Start with the head of the bunny. Draw a circle and then for the hair the easiest way is to start with the letter M a little raise down and then draw to lines from the bottom of the M back up to touch the circle. (We know bunnies are covered in fur, but this adds a little extra detail) Feel free to add it or not. 

step 1 of how to draw a bunny

Step 2

Moving on to the eyes and mouth of the bunny drawing. Start by drawing two circles for the eyes and then two more circles inside each. Make sure they overlap a little bit. Now for the mouth you will start with an oval and two J's that connect or think of them as candy canes your choice. For the final touch all you need to do is add a little U at the bottom. 

Adding eyes and mouth to bunny drawing

Step 3

For the ears draw to curved shapes almost like an oval, but make sure you have a point at the ends, and then draw a second smaller one inside. For the eyebrow it is similar to a crescent moon, but one side have a bit more of a point.

Adding the bunnies ear to drawing

Step 4

Copy what you did in the previous steps for the right ear and eyebrow. 

Adding the other ear and eyebrow to bunny drawing

Step 5

Moving onto the body draw a curved lined almost in the shape of a C. Add the bunnies foot and draw two lines for its toes and a backwards C to add some separation to form the leg. Top it off with a little fluffy bunny tail, think of drawing a cloud. 

Step 5

Step 6

Adding the front paws with a couple simple line, you can think of these as really long U's. Don't forget to connect them at the top and add the lines for the fingers and toes. 

Step 6

Step 7

Now just one more curved line and another foot and your bunny drawing is all done. 

Final step of the bunny

Step 8

Coloring in your Bunny drawing. Don't just follow our coloring though, now is the time to get creative and create something unique that you love. 

We hope you enjoyed this easy step by step guide on how to draw a bunny. When you have the time to create more drawings we hope you will check out some of our other easy tutorials. 

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Step 8

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