How to Draw a Car

Create your Car drawing with this easy step by step tutorial. With all of our drawings we recommend you start with a pencil and draw lightly. That way you can easily erase and fix any mistakes you make. While all are guides are meant to be beginner friendly mistakes will happen. Wait until the last step before the coloring to go back over your lines.

Ready to draw your a car? Get your piece of paper, a pencil and ideally a good eraser out. 

Additionally, you might want have colored pencils, markers, or crayons to color in your finished drawing. If you are feeling real artsy you can always bring out the paint to really make your car drawing unique. 

Drawing step 1

Outline the body of the car

Easy Car Drawing Step 1: Car Body

To start the car you will be drawing the majority of the body. Start with a long straight line and add a slightly curved line in the back. The line at the front will be angled more aggressive as this will be the hood. Make sure it ends lower than the line you drew for the back of the car. 

Car drawing step 2

Adding the roof and door slats to the car drawing

Step 2 : Windshield, roof, and doors

Add the windshield with a slight angled line making sure to stop when it gets to the same height as the curved line you drew for the rear of the car. Next, draw a straight line connecting them together.

From there draw two small lines these are the start of the car doors. 

Easy Car drawing step 3

drawing the windshield on car

Step 3 - Finish the windshield

Three more lines will make up the windshield, make sure the top line is relatively small while the bottom line is longer. It should be slightly slanted down and not straight across. Finally, attach the two line together completing the windshield. 

Follow that up with a slightly angled line that runs parallel to the line you drew completing the windshield, this line will help to form the other windows. 

step 4

How to draw the car windows

Step 4 - How to draw a car - Windows done

Draw more lines completing all the windows. Keep them slightly slanted, so the windows don't come out completely square. 

Step 5

How to draw the wheels and bumpers on the car

Step 5 - Bumpers and Tires

Draw two circle for the tires and two curved lines for the bumpers. The front bumper being smaller than the rear you can start drawing it about half way upon the tire. Now for the rear you want to start it slightly lower on the tire. 

Step 6

Step 6: How to draw a car easy

Step 6 - Side skirts and roof

One straight line from tire to tire will finish off the bottom of the car. Then a straight line going between the windows. To finish this step one more straight line and one very small line right above the windshield. 

How to draw a car - step 7

How to add finishing touches to the car drawing

Step 7 - Final details

To U shape's will create the headlights and taillights. Then draw two small lines for the door handles and two smaller circles will complete the tires. 

step 8

How to draw a car

Step 8 - Finished Car Drawing

Color in your car. Don't just follow our coloring now is the time to get creative and create something unique that you love. 

We hope you enjoyed this easy step by step guide. Now we hope you will  check out some of our other easy drawing tutorials. 

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