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MLB (Active) – Team Win Rankings

by | Baseball

About The Data 

We collected every MLB teams wins per season from the very beginning of their ball club to present day. Only current active teams are on the list. Which is why only two teams show at the start of the second visual and more teams fill in as time goes on.  

The first visual shows the wins of all the teams starting at the same time to show win rankings based off of how many seasons they have been in the league. (This way you can see the race as if they were all founded at the same time.) As the season’s go on you will see teams dropping off as they simply have not been around as long.


Visual Controls  

Press the play button (Top Left) to see the data unfold

Click a specific year on the time line to see where teams are at that point. 

To restart click near the beginning of timeline and press play.

Press the arrows below to cycle through the two different visuals.  

If you would like to embed these on your website, you can use the code below. Please credit Passionhacks as the source.  

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