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MLB Top 20 – Home Run Leaders

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 About The Data 

We collected the data on the all time top 20 home run leaders, then crunched the numbers to create the visuals you see below.

The first visual (my personal favorite) is a line race. Which shows the leaders unfold as if they all started their careers at the same time. However, it doesn’t show their actual home runs. Don’t worry though we have that covered in the visuals that follow. 

It does show some pretty cool drop offs as well as some very quick gainers. The main ones being Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, and Babe Ruth. I would recommend highlighting their paths as they are pretty interesting.

The second visual is a bar chart race. Also showing the leaders unfold as if they all started their careers at the same time, but this time showing their home run totals. 

Then finally another bar chart race, but breaking it down as time moves on. Beginning with Babe Ruth and Jimmie Foxx having their totals already shown. (We didn’t want to bore you to death) So, we picked 1950 to kick things off as that is when more of your future home run leaders come into play. 


Visual Controls  

First Visual:

You can select any season on the timeline (at the top) and the race will stop or rewind to that point. 

Hover over or click on any individual and it will highlight their path. (You can select more then one) To undo the highlighting click again. 

Second and Third Visual:

Press the play button (Top Left) to see the data unfold

Click a specific year on the time line to see where players are at that point.

To restart click near the beginning of timeline and press play.

Press the arrows below to cycle through the different visuals. 

If you would like to embed this on your website, you can use the code below. Please credit Passionhacks as the source. 

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