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NFL Top 20 – Receiving Yards

by | Football

About The Data 

We collected the data on the current top 20 receiving yard leaders, then crunched the number to create these interactive charts.  


Visual Controls 


You can select any season on the timeline (at the top) and the race will stop or rewind to that point. 

Hover over or click on any individual and it will highlight their path. (You can select more then one) To undo the highlighting click again. 


Press the play button (Top Left) to see the data unfold

Click a specific season on the time line to see where players are at that point.

To restart click near the beginning of timeline and press play.

Click the arrows below to cycle through the charts. 

If you would like to embed this chart on your website, you can use the code below. Please credit Passionhacks as the source.

<div class=”flourish-embed” data-src=”story/166626″></div><script src=””></script>